Lackey Labourers

Posted on September 23, 2011


So if you didn’t watch the GOP debate last night, here is the quote that interests me.

“It is fundamentally wrong to give people money for 99 weeks for doing nothing,”

Newt isn’t the first, but is probably the most boring person to make this assertion yet it shows just how irrelevant they are or should be in the world of politics. Leaving aside the overwhelming evidence that unemployment insurance is over 400% more efficient as stimulus than tax cuts, the issue is not the blindspot the GOP has for economic efficiency, it is the complete void in solutions to these alleged problems.

Even if you take the case of unemployment insurance to be a moral one, where is the alleged solution to the alleged problem. There are nowhere near enough jobs being created to provide for people who lost their job in the recession, do these people just starve or eat out of dumpsters?

Here’s a solution for you, give them some work to do in their state fixing up the place and increase their payment to match minimum wage (unemployment insurance is just over half of minimum wage). The Conservative government in the UK is already doing this for people who are on benefits more than I think 6 months, but they are keeping the payment the same (Jobseekers allowance is even less than in America, it’s less than 1/4 of minimum wage.)

I know the GOP would never consider doing this as it contradicts their edict that the government is incapable of creating jobs (with the exception of the job the candidates are fighting each other for and the lobbying jobs they inevitably get when they leave elected office), but it does show a weak point in their debating style that should be used by every reporter, Democrat, liberal and progressive.

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