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Feminism by the numbers

October 1, 2011


I came across this video in my travels which does very well at ascribing the pains of female sexuality in media and the negative impact that has on society. I do have some problems with one particular piece though. Women comprise 51% of the US population, true enough; women also comprise 17% of congress, also […]

Lackey Labourers

September 23, 2011


So if you didn’t watch the GOP debate last night, here is the quote that interests me. “It is fundamentally wrong to give people money for 99 weeks for doing nothing,” Newt isn’t the first, but is probably the most boring person to make this assertion yet it shows just how irrelevant they are or […]

Want to fix Social Security? Thank me later.

September 17, 2011


With the Republican primary race in need of a punching bag and not wishing to waste ammunition on the President, it seems attention has become focused, at least temporarily, on Social Security and it’s legitimacy. This isn’t something we should worry about particularly, Republicans make their living bashing the social safety net but it has […]

Rebel yell, no sound.

August 9, 2011


We’ve seen tremendous unrest in London over the last couple of days, whether it continues remains to be seen, either way the issues involve need to be properly identified and tackled. Certainly the initial protests were in response to the Mark Duggan incident, of which an investigation is warranted, however hereafter there are a number […]