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Feminism by the numbers

October 1, 2011


I came across this video in my travels which does very well at ascribing the pains of female sexuality in media and the negative impact that has on society. I do have some problems with one particular piece though. Women comprise 51% of the US population, true enough; women also comprise 17% of congress, also […]

The economy’s rejuvenation. Not if we can help it.

September 22, 2011


As much as we’ve seen politicians and pundits debate over where to put the bread knife over the economy, there is one idea coming from the right that almost sounds like a plausible way to kickstart western economies and it comes from Mitt Romney, others have suggested it too but I’m jealous of Mitt’s hair […]

Why the rich should not pay their fair share.

August 14, 2011


The only debate that matters in popular taxation politics is the business of taxing the rich, you’re either for a flat tax to avoid punishing success or you’re for a progressive tax to correct the kind of imbalances that even John Locke and Adam Smith warned of. Yet those of us on the left arguing […]